Garage door openers are very important part of your life, just like your home is also a very important part of your life. Just like your home provides you with the shelter, the same way the garage also provides shelter to your automobiles and vehicles. It protects your property. But what is more important that if you have got a garage, then you should also have got a garage door opener. The craftsman garage door opener makes you leave all the worries of our hard earned and expensive automobiles and has a peaceful sleep at night.garage door opener

So, now you know about the function of your garage door, but what you may not know that the garage door openers have got three types of drives. Several people think that all the garage door opener is same, which is not true. But to break your bubble, there are different kinds of the garage door openers available in the market for the commercial use. Here are the top three garage door openers; below we are discussing some of the most common garage door openers –


The screwdriver garage door opener runs with the help of the threaded steel bar. This garage door opener is more stable and less moveable. So, this garage door opener doesn’t require much maintenance as other door and also can be used roughly.  It also has got a negative part, and that requires some time to open. It functions slowly. It does not produce noise while functioning as compared to others.


Belt drive is the commercial garage door opener. The positive features about this belt drive garage door opener are that the rubber driven belt operates them. They function quietly and do not make any sort of noise.  However, with so many positive points, it also has got its share of negative aspect that it is not affordable by all as it is bit expensive as compared to the other garage door openers. So, if you have enough money and you think that you can purchase one, then you should go ahead and buy a belt driven garage door opener.


Chain drive most commonly used garage door opener that uses the chain to pull up or down the garage door. It is very cheap and is affordable by all the middle- class people. Chain driven garage door are beneficial if you have a garage away from the business place then it is best garage door for you and if you want a garage door opener for a residential area, then it is not the best for you.

So, make your choice accordingly.

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